In November 2009 approximately thirty believers began meeting at various homes on Sunday evenings for prayer, fellowship, and encouragement. Sensing the Lord’s direction in the possible establishment of a church, the group circulated a questionnaire on doctrinal and practical topics, seeking to determine if we possessed the core unity to move forward.

The committed group showed significant commonality in both faith and practice. In the absence of either a sponsoring church or established church leadership, we elected five men to serve as a steering committee. The committee guided the assembly to define the foundational direction of the church, to order its worship, and to develop a constitution. In September 2011 we officially constituted as a church with twenty-six members. In January 2012 the church recognized two elders and two deacons.

We have been meeting together and worshiping since June 2010. With excitement, we look forward to the Lord’s continued direction and blessing for New Life Community Church. We want to serve the Lord, one another, and our community according to our gifts and opportunities. We are looking for a more permanent meeting place in the northeast metro Baltimore area. Pray with us that Jesus, the Head of His church, will guide us to this new sphere of service! And come join us as we worship, grow, and find new avenues to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ both near and far!