At New Life Community Church, we value the contribution that biblical counseling can make to our church’s overall health and well-being. While counseling can never be a substitute for gathered worship or fellowship with the saints, there are times when the focused, personal, and individual care provided by a counselor is highly beneficial. 

New Life Community Church partners with one of our members, Alison Spiegel, to provide access to counseling services for those connected to the church. Alison is trained through the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation and has a master’s degree in counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary. For members of NLCC, the cost of counseling with Alison is paid in full by the church. Those who are able to do so can offset these costs by contributing to the NLCC Benevolence Fund. For others, the fee is modest and can be adjusted if there is a financial need.

Biblical Counseling is based upon the premise that we are created and designed by a loving God who wants to know and be known by his people. We are brought into personal fellowship with God through his resurrected Son, Jesus Christ. A growing, intimate relationship with Jesus is the foundation of change in our lives and will always be in view in every conversation. Counseling with Alison would not be clinical therapy, though clinically-informed methods of counseling may be explored. She would seek to address any physical or physiological difficulties you are experiencing, and there may be times when appropriate medical care would be recommended. 

If you would like more information, you can speak to Alison personally or visit her website to see more about her philosophy of care.